About Us

My dream like many other athletes was to play in the NBA. I went to high school in the 1990s, all of my games and home footage in high school were on VHS tapes. When I played basketball in college I was so in the moment didn't think to document my journey. When I got the opportunity to go to Argentina to play basketball I still didn't document or even take pictures. I continued to think how valuable would it have been to have a Dreamers Vault that documented my journey going after my dream? What if I could have access to that Dreamers Vault today? Well, I DON'T! The moments of my life's journey, great times and challenging times are only thoughts and what I can remember. 

That's why I created The Dreamers Vault Subscription we believe that every amateur athlete should have their own Dreamers Vault to share their journey, progress, and achievements. The Dreamers Vault is a safe place dedicated to the journey of an athlete. This is not instagram where the journey competes with pictures or videos and pictures that get lost amongst the 1000s accumulated over the years on our camera rolls. The Dreamers Vault is a dedicated video series just for an athletes journey. We want athletes to be able to look back at their Dreamers Vault and remember how much sports played apart in their life and development.

I also want each athlete to be able to share that journey with their loved ones. We can't get far alone, we need a support system. That's why I created the Dream Box specifically for our family, friends, and supporters that are there with us on this journey. The Dream Box is a collectors item of an athlete's journey that supporters will receive when they sign up to follow the athletes Dreamers Vault. Athletes earn money when family, friends, and supporters sign up. 

Our Mission to Support 1,000,000 Dreamers Worldwide!