We are Supporting DREAMERS Worldwide 


My name is Hassan. 12 years ago I went on a journey that changed my life. I turned that journey into a company named ALL DREAMS. In 2010 I had an idea to give a kid named Jason that was battling cancer a fresh start holiday surprise. This experience changed my life and took me on a life journey of purpose, IMAPCT, and contribution. I would go on to meet three more kids battling cancer and one with cerebral palsy. My mission was to tell each of their story and help each achieve a dream. In order to achieve this mission, I needed to create a product to sell. I had experience in the clothing industry and filmmaking, so I created a clothing brand merged with filmmaking. I created a brand mascot named Lee The Elephant that wears shades because the stories I was telling were the elephant in the room. Meaning these stories are big and being overlooked. In July 2022 I wanted to test if this concept could be done all over the world. I traveled to Cartagena, Colombia. We met 5 young talented, hard-working Dreamers that were born into poor circumstances and needed Support. With minimal funds we were able to film with them to tell their story, identify their needs, design inspired collections, produce samples, do photo shoots, and make engaging videos for social media. We launched and ran Ads for one week for one of the dreamers' t-Shirts to create hype. We sold 55 shirts in minutes in Colombia. Our mission is to make global impact by supporting the worlds next dreamers by providing tangible resources through sales of apparel & entertainment. We believe We ALL Have Dreams join us on our journey to change the world!